The prom simulation game part 1

You're now going to be Cloe Long for the next few minutes. You go to Green High and you will go the the prom in two weeks. But you are new in this school and just broke up with you're guy at your old town. Who will you go with to the prom? You hardly know anyone!

Who will you be matched up with in part 1? Musical James? Hot and fit Dave? Secretive Steve? Fun and sweet Ben? Take this quiz and find out! It only takes a few minutes! Take part 2 and meet the guys and get to know them! ;D

Created by: zoe
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  1. You're Cloe Long. You have been here in Green High for 2 months now and just broke up with your boyfriend. You find out there is going to be a prom here in two weeks!
  2. Boys have to ask girls...
  3. The bell rings. It break time! You walk out of the door when a tall guy, in the same year as you, is waiting by the door. He sees you. He smiles and says "Hey! Your Cloe, right? The new girl? I'm Ben!"
  4. He smiles and puts his hand in his chocolate brown hair, his green eyes shinning. You realize his quiet strong built. May be he plays tennis or something... "Well, maybe we can get lunch together?"
  5. He walk away. You feel...
  6. When you eventually get out of the building, you see a Tall, well built, blond guy with a football in his hands. He looks like someone the year above you. He smiles at you with his hazel eyes. "Hey!"
  7. He smiles "You're the new girl in my sister's class aren't you? Jessica? I'm one of her brothers! I'm Dave!" and gets out his free hand, ready to be shaken
  8. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Jessica did invite you over, didn't she?"
  9. He's gone.... You feel..
  10. You start to walk to the cafetira with you're friend, but she suddenly sees a friend she has that you don't really like. So you enter the cafeteria alone. You sit you bag on a sit and get a drink. You sit back but notice a stranger is sitting at the sit next to you...
  11. He turns to you. Omg! Is it Dave? No, this dude's hair too long and he's eyes are too.... deep to be dave.... Wait, doesn't Jessica have twin big bros? OMG! He looks at you and realizes his music books are taking too much space. "Oh, sorry!" and starts to move his stuff.
  12. He packed all his music books and stuff and looks back at you. He DOES look SO MUCH like Dave. Only Dave looks fitter, hotter and, well, less smart. He looks cuter, and smarter, and you can't help asking if he's related to Dave & Jessica...
  13. "Hmm? Yes, I-I'm James! My tw-twin is Dave, and y-your friend is, is Jessica, my li-little sister." he send, looking down at his feet. He must be shy... You think shy boys are ....
  14. The bell rings. He looks back at you, you say "I, guess I'll see you tomorrow...." He nods and leaves, blushing. You feel...
  15. You're walking to your biology class when you bump in a guy. He drops his textbooks, you help him up and start to get his textbook, but he tries to get them quickly, as if he was hiding something...
  16. He just ignores you. Gets back in onto his feet and starts to walk away, his bouncy jet black hair flying. You feel a bit annoyed, hurt even that someone so.... so secretive can be, well quite so rude! He turns back to look at you and says "Look, I'm sorry I bumped into you. I'm Steve..."
  17. "I know!" he said, smiling like a little boy, his blue eyes shinning. Then he runs off. You feel...
  18. All through biology, you can't help dreaming about
  19. You can't wait for

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