Are you a game nerd?

Video Games are a part of life and whether or not you play them you are surrounded by them, soon enough all homes will have a game console in them, whether it be yours or your kids.

Can you call yourself a GAMER? Take this quiz and test your knowledge on some of the basics in gaming history, past and present. If you have been awake in the last 30 years you have to know at least one of the answers to this quiz.

Created by: Tipsy Mcstagger
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  1. In what game did Mario make his debut?
  2. Did you ever see the movie Wizard with Fred Savage?
  3. Have you ever participated in a LAN party?
  4. In the game JOUST you rode what?
  5. What is the Contra code? (also known as the Konami code)
  6. ** Bonus question ** What was the first game to ever use the Contra code?
  7. How many different versions of the game boy have been released?
  8. What was the first ever 3-D fighting game called?
  9. In the Legend of Zelda what is the main characters name?
  10. How many ghosts are out to get you in the original PAC-MAN?
  11. How many different consoles do you own that you still have connected and play? this includes handhelds made by the major companies.
  12. Did you ever have a subscription to Nintendo Power?
  13. Do you still have a subscription to Nintendo Power?

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