Would You Last Ten Seconds In A DnD Session?

How long would last in a game of D&D? Are you a real nerd? You should probably take this quiz and find out, or else you'll always wonder if you really would last ten seconds in a game of D&D, or if you'd stop as soon as someone said 'roll for initiative'.

Just how nerdy are you? Would you really last in a game of D&D? You should probably take this quiz or you'll spend the rest of your life wondering.

Created by: Kevin

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  1. What're you drinking as you play?
  3. You need to sneak past a guard.
  4. Crap! Your only healer just died.
  5. Crap! Your only archer just died.
  6. Crap! WE'RE ALL OUT OF DEW!
  7. Crap! Your only Necromancer just died!
  8. An ancient fire demon is chasing you from a dungeon.
  9. You're the last party member left after an epic boss fight.
  10. You're trapped between a goblin army and a kobold army.
  11. What class can your party do without?
  12. What class does your party need?
  13. Who is Leeroy Jenkins?
  14. You're considering where to move when you hear your mom coming down to the basement.

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