Which Delta Squad Member Are You?

Well, Back In March Of 2007, I bought a game, called "Star Wars: Republic Commando", A Game Which followed four special clones troopers, also know as Republic Commandos. They were each a part of a squad, called "Delta Squad". They were four of the best the Republic can get.

Well, I've gotten sucked into it, and I haven't seen this kinda of quiz yet, so, for all those fans of this game... I hope you like this quiz! And Lock and Load!

Created by: Matt
  1. Your on a mission to free some slaves from trandoshans. Your advisor gives you two paths to chose from: 1. Take a tunnel around the Trando camp and infiltrate it from underneith, or 2. Go straight through the trando camp and free the slaves that way.
  2. A pack of Battle droids attack you and take down your squad. What do you do?
  3. Your Prefered Weapon is...
  4. You lose a squad member, but your ordered to move on with you mission. What do you do?
  5. You Prefer...
  6. You come up behind a small group of Trandos. You...
  7. In training, you...
  8. You're favorite saying is...
  9. Do You Like This Quiz?
  10. Who are you hoping your going to be out of Delta Squad?

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Quiz topic: Which Delta Squad Member am I?