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You have been born into dangerous times. A sharp mind can be the key to survival. But as often as not, it will be your inherent physical traits that win the day. And in this regard you will be superior to your more common brethren. For you are a commando, an elite unit, something truly special.

Attention! All right, men, let's see if you have what it takes to become a true member of Delta Squad. Who's Delta Squad? A squadron of elite commandos with superior training, of course! This quiz will test your RepCom gaming knowledge, so don't screw it up!

Created by: RC-0726
  1. What was used to make the walking sound effects for trandoshans?
  2. What can be found in the droid access shafts?
  3. True or False: You can shoot and kill mynocks.
  4. What do the giant "neon" aurebesh signs on Kashyyyk spell out?
  5. What song plays at the beginning of each map location before you're briefed?
  6. What two commandos wanted to find Sev?
  7. How many planets are on the campaign map?
  8. How many terminals do you need to slice to activate the Prosecutor's laser guns?
  9. What's the quickest way to defeat droidekas?
  10. What song plays on the main menu screen?
  11. There's at least two mistakes on the start screen (that has Delta Squad on it). What's the first one?
  12. What's the second mistake?
  13. What mandalorian chant don't you hear?
  14. How do you enter cheats?
  15. Who's the last person to speak in the epilogue?
  16. What is the last word in the epilogue?
  17. Where do you get an anti-armor attachment for your DC-17?
  18. What are geonosian grenades called?
  19. Who's the last commando to find on the Prosecutor, and the last to split up on Kashyyyk?
  20. What's the Easter egg?
  21. True or False: There's blood.
  22. What does the aurebesh on the left side of the main menu screen mean?
  23. What Jedi do you see in a picture, but never speak to or hear about?
  24. In the core ship where the squad splits up, how many elevators are there?
  25. How many types of droids are in the game?
  26. What is Advisor's number?
  27. If you have subtitles on, what are trandoshan heavy assault mercenaries called?
  28. What commando number was mentioned as a reference to the books?
  29. True or False: Elevator music.
  30. How many minutes do you have to get off the core ship?
  31. What's the best way to take down dwarf spider droids?
  32. Boss can assign his squad to different positions. Where do you see the very first grenade position?
  33. How many times do you encounter General Grievous?
  34. True or False: It's impossible to mod/there's no mods.
  35. Finish this sentence: Any crash you can walk away from,___________.
  36. What is rule 39?
  37. What is rule 17?
  38. When do you first encounter magnaguards?
  39. What cheat SHOULDN'T you use while in an elevator?
  40. On XBOX, how do you restore ammo cheat-wise?
  41. How can you shock droids without EC detonators?
  42. How many regular clone privates are in the gunship with you?
  43. True or False: There's no strategy guide.
  44. After you disable the jamming device, where does the next wave of droids come from?
  45. How many rockets does a wookiee guided rocket launcher carry?
  46. During the game's development, a sequel was already being made, but it was canceled. When was the sequel canceled?
  47. What was used to make the walking sound effects for baby geonosians?

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