Which Terror Squad member are you?

There have been countless groups in the history of hip-hop. Some are great, while others are quickly forgotten. Terror Squad is a group that has left a major impact on the character of hip-hop.

Which Terror Squad member are YOU? Are you a leader? Are you the quiet type? Are you the Don? Are you the type of person to always be in the spotlight, or are you the type that can be found in the background, looking on. Find out now by taking this quiz. Take the time to see! Remember, its just for fun, not to be taken too seriously!

Created by: D-Boi

  1. This phrase describes you well:
  2. What is your weight range?
  3. Which of these is your favorite album?
  4. Who is your enemy?
  5. Your nickname is:
  6. This song is your anthem:
  7. If you wrote a song, it would be about:
  8. You puff lye
  9. You are:
  10. Your legacy will be:

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Quiz topic: Which Terror Squad member am I?