Are you a 1D fan?

Take this quiz if you think you are a One Direction fan! test your knowlege from the One Direction and see if you can Complete the quiz!!!!!!!!!! For all you 1D fans!

Do you have what it takes (or in this case, facts) to do this challenging quiz? if you were not up to it you wouldn't have gotten to select this quiz. but if you did, then we think that you can answer questions!

Created by: Jordan

  1. What is 1Direction?
  2. What are their names?
  3. What is Harry's last name?
  4. What is Louis last name?
  5. what is Niall's last name?
  6. what is Zayn's last name?
  7. What is michael's last name?
  8. what is Liam's last name?
  9. who came up with the name? 1 Direction
  10. who's signature style is stripes and suspenders?
  11. How many members are there to 1Direction?
  12. Where did 1D come from?
  13. Is there an irish one in the group?
  14. is there a chinese person in the group?
  15. who's favourite colour is purple?
  16. Whos favourite colour is red?

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Quiz topic: Am I a 1D fan?