you can only go in ONE DIRECTION!!

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One Direction is the biggest boy band across the world! They do world tours and have millions o people supporting them! Are you one of their many supporters?

This quiz shows how much YOU know and love about One Direction! Wherever you are you can always support them! Just choose what you know and keep on supporting One Direction!

Created by: Becs

  1. What year did One Direction become a band?
  2. Which two members share a middle name?
  3. What place did One direction finish in the X factor?
  4. Who was One Directions mentor on the X factor?
  5. Which member has a nephew Named Theo?
  6. Who worked in a bakery before the X factor?
  7. How many albums does One Direction have as of June 2014
  8. Who auditioned with the song "Hey there Delilah"?
  9. Which member was constantly in the hospital as a child?
  10. Which member was stubborn about dancing on the X factor?

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