Which Warhammer 40k Race Are You?

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In the dark future of the 41st millennia there is only war. The choice is yours, who will you fight for? There are many sides and all have there strengths, find out who best suits you.

There are several races to choose from. They are... Humans includes all branches of Imperial Guard, inquisition, and space marines. Eldar are an ancient race with great mental powers and wisdom. Tau are the new race, just a few thousand years old and are already more advanced than anyone out there! Ork are giant barbaric monsters with just a few simple easy goals. Tyranid are bugs with the single idea to eat and evolve. Necron are ancient robotic skeletons who just woke up from a deep slumber and have an old feud with the Eldar. Dark Eldar were cast out by the Eldar, they are extremely fascinated with vicious torture. Chaos Space Marines are fallen sons of humanity. They turned to the darker powers after the ruler of mankind denied there leader his rightful place as his successor.

Created by: barberbob2
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Congratulations! You were just born into a human colony and asked to join the military! What are you going to say.
  2. Good, Bad, or Neutral.
  3. Choose a leader. (who would you fight for)
  4. Choose a moral code.
  5. Are you a loyal person?
  6. Would you trust aliens?
  7. Pick your colors camo or army.
  8. Which god of chaos are you following?
  9. Which space marine chapter?
  10. Do you believe there is a value to all life, including your enemies?

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Quiz topic: Which Warhammer 40k Race am I?