Which Warhammer 40K Character are you?

The world of Warhammer40K is a large one, it spans across large amounts of alien species and planets. Those familiar with the W40K series will mostly know what to pick. Those who don't, Take this quiz.

Which army would YOU join in the W40K world? Find out by taking this quiz. You will be questioned leading to your destined race in the end. Remember, don't take what you know will be the outcome. Take rather what YOU will do.

Created by: PhoenixRSA
  1. What is your preferred weapon?
  2. What is your preferred building
  3. Your group of friends see you as a
  4. Your type of clothing?
  5. Your battlecry
  6. Your view of war
  7. Type of car
  8. Favourite book/magazine
  9. Do you like this quiz
  10. Anime

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Quiz topic: Which Warhammer 40K Character am I?