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  • "WHAT EVER !!!!!!!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE IHLAOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Naruto Roleplay
    "ill rp with ya Name: Sakura Haruno Clan:Haruno Power: monstrous strength personality :short temper ,hard worki"
  • "oh alright thanks lion and RelevantNerdest and i know"
  • "he's telling me what i should and shouldn't do how do i block him ?"
  • Soap For Novice and +
    "hey dlg &slayer wassup?"
  • Battleing Soap
    "Name:Rena Age:16 gender: Female looks: silver hair with red streaks Wepon:katana Personality: Headstrong,"
  • Battleing Soap
    "and gogirl ill pick fire as my element"
  • Characters
    "Name: Rena Age: 16 Gender: Female looks: 5'6 silver hair with red streaks Personality: headstrong, sassy and alw"
  • Battleing Soap
    "(gogirl will post Rena's character sheet on my thread called Characters in the library)"
  • Battleing Soap
    "(well nvm about that comment slayer sorry)"
  • Battleing Soap
    "(with Rena's sword isnt an ordinary sword and either way the flames r gonna go out @ somepoint) Rena : tch!"
  • Battleing Soap
    "(not gonna ask) ..."
  • Battleing Soap
    "Rena: you think you can kill me ? *flame disapears*"
  • Battleing Soap
    "Rena: *counters it with her glowing katana and gets behind you * interesting i would say by the way im Rena"
  • Battleing Soap
    "Rena: tch! *dodges easily and slices arrow* Ha!"

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