Which Creepypasta Charecter Are You?

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Ok, I have seen many Creepypasta quizzes like this but they have the well know Creepypasta's in them. In this one there are three charecters you could be.

I hope you get the one you hope for. There won't be any Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer or Slenderman in this quiz though. Maybe in the results but not as an answer XP

Created by: Jinx Blackclaw
  1. If you had to attack someone, what would your weapons be?
  2. What would your furniture be made of?
  3. What color would you clothing be?
  4. Which initial do you prefer?
  5. What are you famous for?
  6. How old are you?
  7. Which of these Creepypasta stories have you read?
  8. If you had to meet one Creepypasta charecter out of these who would you meet?
  9. Will you comment?
  10. Will you rate?

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Quiz topic: Which Creepypasta Charecter am I?