Which Maze Runner Character is your best friend?

The Maze Runner was a story about a boy named Thomas who arrives in a maze with 50 other boys called the Gladers. He knows that they can get out, after all they can't live here forever! But after he arrived another arrives. Totally off schedule... And then everything changes.

Which character is your best friend? Who will be yours? Take this quiz to find ourselves! And also read the books because they're epic! And how was my quiz? Leave comments!

Created by: Footana
  1. If you were trapped in the maze for one night, what would you do?
  2. If you found an exit in the maze, would you...
  3. You meet the creators and minho tries to attack them, what to you do
  4. You arrive in the scorch, and you hate it so much! What do you do?
  5. Who do you want to get? :) (may affect your answer)
  6. You get a job as a slopper and you don't like it! What do you do
  7. You get a memory you can't tell anyone or else they'll hate you... What now?
  8. A bully start teasing you and making fun of you because you're new, you
  9. A pretty newbie shows up. You...
  10. Your bestie died for you, you....

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Quiz topic: Which Maze Runner Character is my best friend?