Which Glader are you?

Many people have tried, but no one has found a way out of the maze. Which Glader would you be in the glade? Who are you? You could be anyone amongst them.

Who are you most like in the maze runner? Find out with this quiz! Are you Thomas? Minho? Or someone else among the gladers? Find out with this quiz!!

Created by: Lucy
  1. Favourite maze runner character?
  2. Favourite maze runner quote?
  3. Your stuck in the maze at night, what do you do?
  4. Which job would you choose?
  5. Which Glader would you make friends with?
  6. Your shopping what is the first thing you buy?
  7. What is the thing you ask for from the box?
  8. If you could be with anyone who would you choose?
  9. You could be anywhere, wheee do you choose to be?
  10. Favourite song? (Sorry if your favourite isn't a choice)

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Quiz topic: Which Glader am I?