How well do you know Newt from The Maze Runner?

There are many characters in The Maze Runner. Thomas, Chuck, Teresa, Alby, Gally, Ben and Minho but here we are focusing on just one NEWT! So all you Newt fans out there this is the place to test if you really know all about him.

SPOILER ALERT. Please if you have not read The Death Cure then please DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ. I hate to spoil anything for anybody especially books. So please if you have read all the books then please be my guest and carry on but if you haven't you may still take the test but remember I did warn you.

Created by: beccab24
  1. Who is Newt named after?
  2. Who plays Newt in The Maze Runner (Movie)
  3. In The Scorch Trials what does Newt's tattoo on his neck say?
  4. What does Newt say quite a lot?
  5. What accent does Newt have?
  6. Is Newt immune?
  7. Other than Thomas who is Newt's other main best friend?
  8. In which book is Newt not in but is mentioned in?
  9. How did Newt get his limp?
  10. What does Newt call Thomas?
  11. What colour hair does Newt have?
  12. What does Newt give Thomas in The Death Cure?
  13. How does Newt die?
  14. On the note that Newt gave Thomas what does it say? (Please don't change your answer once you changed this :()
  15. What is the last thing Newt says to Thomas before he shoots him? ;(

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Newt from The Maze Runner?