The MAZE RUNNER Ultimate Quiz!

Hi there Maze Runner lovers, did you ever wanted to try on a quiz on the popular movie and novel the MAZE RUNNER? Did you ever think that you can coop up with every one in the Glade? Did you ever spare a thought to think whether you would live till the end in the Glade and worst of all, the Flare?

Well, here is your chance to see if you really know the Maze and the Gladers. ' you are plunged into action, just as confused and frightened as the characters you meet. There are no rules or none that make sense , but gradually you learn to survive, and to hope...'

Created by: Huzni
  1. Alright, let's get started... Who was the last 'Glader' (male) to enter the Glade?
  2. Which four sections has the Glade been divided into?
  3. What does WICKED stand for?
  4. What's the message Teresa had in her hand when she entered the glade?
  5. Who is Thomas's best friend?
  6. What do the gladers call the creature that terrorized them?
  7. Who are the Med-Jacks?
  8. Which of the following scenes was in the movie but not the book?
  9. Why was Ben banished out of the glade?
  10. When do the gladers get their supplies?
  11. Which is the the last word of the Maze Runner book?
  12. Who is the Chancellor of WICKED?
  13. In the Maze Runner movie, the character of Gally was portrayed by...
  14. Blake Cooper portrayed...
  15. Who was Ben in the Maze Runner novel?
  16. What is the total number of pages in the maze runner book?
  17. Who is the popular author of The Maze Runner?
  18. Which of these is not related to the glade?
  19. Clint is the...
  20. 'Nice to meet ya shank, welcome to the Glade' was said by...
  21. Who authored the Maze Runner?
  22. Last but not least, did you like this quiz?

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