How well do you know the maze runner?

The maze runner is a movie, based on the well known teen thriller novel of the same name by James Dashner. It's about a teen named Thomas who gets sent up to a garden called the glade to live with a group of other boys, but when a girl named Teresa arrives, Thomas must try to find a way out, or stay in the glade forever!

Do YOU know the maze runner? Do YOU have the skills to join the glade? Well you could sit there and wonder, until now, when this epic quiz has all your questions answered! Good luck and score high!

Created by: Spyrorules122
  1. What is the first thing you see in the movie?
  2. Complete this quote: this is all your *****, I saw you!
  3. Who plays Thomas?
  4. Whose name was crossed off first in the movie?
  5. When was the movie released?
  6. Who arrived with the cure for Alby's sting?
  7. Who got stung first in the movie?
  8. Where are the gladers going next?
  9. Which runner was sent to rescue Alby after he got stung?
  10. What does Thomas try to do after Gally gets him out of the box?
  11. Complete this quote: I belong to the ****!
  12. Where was Thomas when he saw the stung Ben?
  13. What is the changing?
  14. Who made the movie?
  15. Who directed the movie?
  16. Who was the first glader to arrive?
  17. When does the box come back up with a new glader?
  18. Finally, what does Thomas get promoted to?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the maze runner?