Maze runner-the death cure

If your a fan of the Maze runner series you should take this quiz and see where you rest. This one is on The death cure, so make sure you've read that one.

Soon to be a movie go ahead and make sure you're ready to be a runner. The movie will be featuring Dylan O'Brien as Thomas. You may reconize that name. For he plays Stiles in teen wolf. Check out my new Instagram account @sadglader I follow back!!

Created by: sadglader
  1. In the begging of the book what began to drive Thomas mad?
  2. What is the Swipe?
  3. Who was not immune to the flare?
  4. Why did Minho and Newt fight?
  5. When Brenda, Thomas, Newt, and Minho made it to the roof Wicked's head quarters after escaping what did Jorge tell them?
  6. What flare free city did they go to?
  7. When they reached Denver a man came up and gave them a note, who was the note signed by?
  8. What group did Thomas get with but then leave?
  9. Where did wicked hid the munies?
  10. Why did Newt beg Tommy to kill him?
  11. Did Thomas end up killing him?
  12. What did Thomas promise himself?
  13. Did Teresa die?
  14. Who was the author

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