How Well Do You Know "The Maze Runner"

There are many people who have read The Maze Runner. Some people didn't pay attention and will get a low score, but some people know the book very well!

Do YOU know The Maze Runner well? Do you think you could A+ this test? Thanks to this great quiz, you'll find out with the click of a button! You know you WANT TO!

Created by: Kierra and Kendel
  1. Who is the leader of the glade?
  2. What does "Klunk" mean?
  3. What colour were the Griever's bodies?
  4. Who was Thomas's Best Friend?
  5. Why did Thomas go to jail?
  6. How do the creators give the gladers food?
  7. Who survived (just book one)?
  8. Does Chuck die?
  9. How old is Thomas?
  10. Who does Thomas have a crush on?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "The Maze Runner"