Survive The Maze!

Can you survive a maze? Will you return victorious or reach a dead-end? Will you fall in a hole or be carried off by an umbrella? This quiz will test your thinking skills and teach you how to survive a maze!

Imagine: You enter the maze in midday. You're competing against three other people for the ultamite prize. A fro-yo machine and a pizza oven! Mmmm... Pizza...

Created by: Wonka
  1. You enter the maze and come to three ways to go. A broad path with leaves strewn across the floor, a path with many other forks in the road, and a thin, straight path with thick hedges guiding it. Which one do you choose?
  2. You keep walking and you come across the signs. The one pointing left says 'End', the one pointing right says 'Go', and the one pointing straight ahead says 'In'. Which one do you follow?
  3. Next, you come across three tracks. The tracks of a lion leading left, the tracks of a dog leading right, and the tracks of a person leading straight ahead. Which do you follow?
  4. After walking for a while, you come across three boxes. Each box contains a map. One map looks like what you just went through, another looks like a simple way out, and the last one seems to lead up to a big, black dot. Whick one do you use?
  5. You follow the map for a while until you come to a fork in the road. The path on the left is going uphill, the one on the right is going downhill, and the one in the middle is going perfectly staight. Which do you choose?
  6. After walking for a short while, you come across three doors. A plain, wooden door with light shining underneath it, a beat up door with a lock, and a mud splattered door with a shovel leaned up against it. Which one do you enter?
  7. You enter the door and find three arrows. A yellow one pointing left, a red one pointing right, and a blue one pointing straight. Which one do you follow?
  8. The color of the dirt turns the color of the arrow you followed as you walk. Suddenly, the wind blows, throwing colored dust in the air. When it dies down, you find youself at the arrows again. Instead of going back to the one you were in, you go past the...
  9. The dirt stays dirt-colored and you keep walking. Suddenly, it begins to rain. You find an umbrella. You pick it right when the wind starts blowing. The umbrella starts carying you along so you...
  10. After walking for a while... You find yourself at your result!

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