Maze (Can you survive?)

Can you survive this odd, funky, weird, and funny maze? Test your skills of memory, smartness, and luck! Who knows? Perhaps you'll survive (Though I doubt it!)

(This is the storyline) You walk around the carnival. You turn a corner and come to a place where no one is to be seen. A man stands there. "Would you like to try this maze?" He asks. You shrug, unsure, then nod. "You should be able to do this maze with your eyes closed! Just remember, try to find your way out of the maze!"

Created by: Lacey Taylor
  1. You enter a maze. There are three doors. One is painted red. Light is coming from the bottom of it. The other one is pink. Party lights are flashing, and music can be heard. Finally, there is a blue door. Only darkness can be seen through there.
  2. You put your hand to were the light switch should be. "You should be able to do this maze with your eyes closed." Comes the man's words. The light switch plate instead has three lines. A red straight one, pointing left a blue straight one, pointing right. And a yellow wiggly one, pointing straight ahead. You follow...
  3. You arrive in a room full of light. There are windows, and the sun is shinning. There are in this room. But instead, there are three windows. One with a sun over it. One with a moon over it. One with a picture frame over it.
  4. Now you arrive in a room with couches. You sit down on:
  5. You now rest on the couch. You have survived so far, but you also have no idea how many close calls you've ALMOST had... You let your head slip back. You head hits a button.
  6. A sign appears. "Get up." It says.
  7. You hear a voice. "Get up." It says.
  8. Nothing happens. You look around. Am eery music flows into the room.
  9. "You must find a way out of the maze" The mans voice is mixed into the song. The song says one word. "Turn" and then ends.
  10. You start walking. You trace your steps back to the beginning of the maze. The door you first came in through is unlocked. You go through it.

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Quiz topic: Maze (can I survive?)