what maze runner character are you?

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This maze is to see what maze runner character just the main characters thomas, newt, minho, alby, chuck, teresa, gally, and frypan they are the only characters you can get.

this quiz is only for the first book there will be a update when the cast list is released to the public for scorch trials because i dont have pictures for brenda and george and other of the castso thank you and hope you enjoy.

Created by: Georgia
  1. if a person you dont know well is in a life or death situation you?
  2. you wake up in a box moving incredably fast and it opens, you?
  3. you run into a griver, you?
  4. do you see yourself as?
  5. what job would you mostlikely take?
  6. who do you like more?
  7. you see a diseased women you?
  8. strange people take you to a strange place you?
  9. your running in the maze and you come to a black abayss you?
  10. you see a object heading for your best friend you
  11. the maze is shutting down, grivers are taking one person every night and everyones just waiting so you?

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Quiz topic: What maze runner character am I?