ok. . guy problem.

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Thread Topic: ok. . guy problem.

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    Ok. There is this guy and we used to me like best friends in primary school but since we started secondary school he barely said anything. He said" hi" and " I don't where the bus is"
    why is he not talking?
    if you need anymore information or would like to ask any questions do
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  • Snowman Newbie
    Because he no longer cares about you.
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    The Red Rose Junior
    Maybe because there's not enough time?

    Do you see each other often at school?

    More than likely I think he just doesn't have all that much time to spare. Of course my advice is horrid so you might as well ignore this.
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    absol heart Advanced
    people move on. shen i went into highschool,50% of my friends went to a diffrent school, 10% moved, 25% stopped talking to me, and 15% actually had a conversation. i had to make new friends to make it past HS, and i dropped out afterwards because i didnt want to deal with that again when i went to college.
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    Yes we see each other often.
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    He doesn't have to love I just want to know why he won't talk to me.
  • Maybe he is having family problems?
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    He is talking to most of his friends.
  • Maybe he's around that age where he's getting nervous aroung girls.
  • Fire Fresh Newbie
    In this case, he is like me, and you are like my crush. I'm not giving him time, so he thinks I don't like him.
    Your guy maybe, has lots of things to do, so maybe he ain't free. Or maybe, he doesn't want anyone to see him talking with you. Or maybe, he's on with some other girl. Or maybe, he's just confused. Or maybe, he never felt he ignored you. You may feel he's not talking to you, but he doesn't realises this. You should approach him when he's alone or not with his friends.
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    Ariana9 Novice
    Omg! I am just like that! There was this guy. He went to this fancy private school with me in kindergarten and he talked to me during summer school, but he's barely said two words to me since the school year started. And he sit practically next to me in English (which, by the way, I'm failing because of him).
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    Slim_t Senior
    How are you failing because of him? Just curious
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    O.o good question.

    Actually yesterday day my annoying friend blurted out he liked me and that I liked him back and I was like. -_- O.o

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