The Ultimate Heroes of Olympus Trivia!

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The sequel series to Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus, is coming to an end. Test your knowledge here in this ultimate trivia quiz! Some questions are easy, some harder. Good luck!

I really wish they didn't make us put a second paragraph, but that's the way things have to be. Now, let's try to get to one hundred fifty characters, shall we?

Created by: Ariana9

  1. How many demigods go on the quest to save Hera?
  2. Who are the two praetors at Camp Jupiter? (Before Jason was abducted by Hera)
  3. Who is the 'chaperone' on the quest to find the Doors of Death?
  4. When Khione and her brothers attack the Argo II, where does she send Leo flying off to?
  5. How does Leo protect Frank's piece of firewood?
  6. What is Hazel's mother's name?
  7. Jason dies while looking at Hera in her true form.
  8. What are Percy and Jason's horses named?
  9. Who was the counselor of the Aphrodite cabin before Drew?
  10. Where does Annabeth find the Athena Parthenos?

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