Do You Know Basic Facts?

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This is a simple quiz that everyone has a chance to score well on. It tests you on basic facts--things that all of us should know. Even children could answer these!

I expect you to get at least 90% of these correct. If you don't know basic facts such as these, your schooling must have failed you. Try your best! You can do this!

Created by: GTQ Guy
  1. Which of these is a continent?
  2. How many legs does a fly have?
  3. Which two paint colors can you mix to make green?
  4. Which is faster?
  5. At what temperature Celsius does water boil?
  6. How many eggs are in two dozen?
  7. Which of these is a force in nature?
  8. Which is longer, a mile or a kilometer?
  9. At room temperature, elemental mercury is in which phase?
  10. Which of these planets is closest to Jupiter?
  11. Squares and trapezoids are both-
  12. Which of these is important for plant photosynthesis?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Basic Facts?

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