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Super Mario Bros. is one of the all-time great video game franchises--perhaps the greatest. At this point, two generations of kids have grown up with Mario, jumping across platforms and smushing Goombas while trying to rescue the princess from Bowser. But how much do you know about Nintendo's legendary mascot?

This quiz focuses on trivia that spans the full history of the Mario Bros, from the earliest days to 2014 (the year this quiz was made). If you are a true fan of the games, you will be able to get a high score. If you are only a casual player, try your best and see how much you know. Good luck! There are fourteen trivia questions to challenge you.

Created by: Lowly Toad

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  1. In which video game did Mario first appear?
  2. Bowser, Mario's main adversary, becomes a playable character in the Paper Mario series.
  3. Which of these names is NOT a name of a "Koopaling"?
  4. The blue Mario lookalike causing mischief in Super Mario Sunshine was actually...
  5. Birdo first appeared in...
  6. The large, rectangular rock creatures called Whomps first appeared in...
  7. In Super Mario 3D World, you have the same choice of characters as in...
  8. How are Boos (ghosts) killed in Super Mario 64?
  9. The Super Mario franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time.
  10. In which game series do Mario and Luigi appear as babies?
  11. Which shocking thing did Bowser Jr. say in Super Mario Sunshine?
  12. According to the Super Mario Super Show, this is how Mario and Luigi got to the Mushroom Kingdom.
  13. Who can jump higher, Mario or Luigi?
  14. Rosalina is the adopted mother of the...

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