Your Spirit Animal Quiz

There are many, and I mean many different animals in this world. But only a few are know as 'Spirit Animals', those have meanings which relate to a human being. So take the quiz find which one you are, I was a Deer!!! ;)

Will you be the deer, maybe the lion!? Hey what flowers you like? How could you describe yourself? Will you get something you didn't expect to get? ;)

Created by: leafpool1972

  1. Towards a situation; a fight, how would you act?
  2. Are you at peace with your self?
  3. As of yourself, do you think your smart. 1-10 dum-smart
  4. How could you describe your personality?
  5. Which animal do you want? (If none of these part 2 below, pick none in part 2)
  6. Which animal do you want?(if none of these part 1 above, pick none in part 1)
  7. What do you think is wrong with tomatoes?
  8. Do you think the quiz is...
  9. Are you physically strong? 1-10 wimp-Buff
  10. Now, just pick a flower... :P

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