Thanksgiving Quiz

Thanksgiving is a time of happiness, of family, and of giving thanks to everything we have. And oh ya, making fun of whoever does bad on this quiz.

I am doubtful that any of you taking this quiz with have the knowhow or ability to get a decent score. Hows that for motivation. good luck suckers

Created by: richy3215
  1. What is the chemical in Turkey meat that acts as a natural sedative and causes you to get sleepy?
  2. The average person consumes how many calories on Thanksgiving Day?
  3. What year was the first Thanksgiving feast celebrated in the U.S.?
  4. Where was the first American Thanksgiving celebration held?
  5. The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English rule which stated:
  6. What utensils did the pilgrims eat with at the first thanksgiving?
  7. A five to seven month old Turkey is called a ?
  8. What astrological sign does November begin and end with?
  9. What two football teams always have a game on Thanksgiving day?
  10. Plymouth Rock today is about the size of a ?

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