Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

Just in time for Thanksgiving! A quiz about the Pilgrims, and their first Thanksgiving. Before you sit down to yours, test yourself about theirs. Before the nap, the football, the turkey and gravy, the stuffing, and the cranberry sauce, take a moment to remember a bit history.

How much do you think you know about the Pilgrims? How much do you *actually* know? It'll only take a few minutes. Quick! Before the turkey makes you want to take a long nap!

Created by: Irish_Willow

  1. Why did the Pilgrims leave England?
  2. Why did the Pilgrims leave the Netherlands?
  3. How many ships did the Pilgrims have originally?
  4. What was the original number of passengers on Mayflower, and how did that number change before they reached their destination?
  5. Where did the Pilgrims originally want to settle?
  6. What was the Mayflower Compact?
  7. What percent of the Pilgrims died during the first winter in America?
  8. How did the Native Americans living in the area react to the Pilgrims when they first landed?
  9. When was the settlement completed?
  10. What Native American and former British slave greatly helped the Pilgrims?
  11. What did he do?
  12. How long was the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving?
  13. True or false: The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans.

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