The Wallflower part 2

Happy Thanksgiving! So, it's finally Thanksgiving. Can't wait to hibernate! I'm going to miss everyone during the break. But not enough to want to go back.

Anyway, the plot is a little slow now but will get better a little later. So, yeah. That's almost about it except for the story. Wait, I do want to wish you happy holidays.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. Journal 1
  2. My parents say that I need to let all my emotions out. Since i like writing, they suggested I write daily on how I feel. They gave me an apple green notebook. They said that I've been facing a huge amount of grief and stress. My parents also decided it would be best if I went to a physiatrist. They figure that event of Adam's murder was traumatic to the point where I needed special help. They didn't want me to enter Witness Protection. They figured I would be taken away. I got released from the hospital yesterday which wasn't a treat since it was Halloween. It was more like a trick.
  3. There actually was a trick in store for me. Brittany had set it up. I was wheeling myself out of the hospital, when I met the exit where my parents were. I saw Brittany smirking at me with her arms crossed. Several of her 'friends' came out from the shadows with egg cartons, crazy string and toilet paper. Some trick that was. I was brutally injured by the eggs, toilet paper rolls and crazy string. My parents saw that I was being terrorized by them and stepped out of the car and to my rescue. Such doting parents. Once again, I was admitted into the hospital. At least I don't have to face them again.
  4. I can't take their teasing me about it being my fault for his death. I know it's not and he protected me but, I can't help but feeling a huge amount of guilt piling on as I continue to live on. His funeral is supposed to be a few days late. I hope I can stay stable until then. I'd really like to say a few last words to him before his body is buried underground. I want to give him back the anniversary gift he gave me. I don't deserve it. Truthfully speaking, I forgot about it. I hadn't even planned a gift. Maybe if I returned it, I would feel a little less weight on my shoulders. Hopefully.
  5. Present
  6. It's finally the day of the funeral. My emotions are mixed. Half happy and the other half melancholy. He would've liked to have had a celebration. I put on my fancy black lace dress and wore my hair in a firmly pulled back ponytail. I stepped into bland flats but immediately kicked them off after seeing them with my outfit. I whipped out my black high heels that lifted me up three inches. I exited out of the hospital with my own personal nurse that my parents hired. "I'm fine, I can walk myself.". I gave her a gentle smile and she nodded, keeping a distance of a couple feet.
  7. A black limo pulled up and I stepped in. His parents were filthy rich and felt bad about my predicament. I told them it wasn't that bad as they thought. I just used a little white lie in order to keep them from worrying too much. As we passed by walking pedestrians, they did a double take. Limos are almost never in the area. That's only because it's not a very rich neighborhood. When we entered the graveyard we were the only ones. "Who all did you invite?". "Only close relatives, friends of the family and Adam's friends.". I noticed no decorations were put up.
  8. I know it's a graveyard but come on, it can't just be all colorless. That makes the mourning even more depressing. I started stringing up silver and black streamers around the room. I also hung up a sign that said 'farewell Adam' on it. The sign was orange which was his favorite color. People started arriving. My parents, then a few others. The mortician was doing some finishing touches. It was a closed coffin ceremony. We left the head part open because that was the only place he wasn't shot. The only teens were me and this other guy who looked about a year or two older. He was tanned with black spiky hair. He was wearing a black hood and dark blue jeans. He had a mysterious look to him.
  9. I walked up to the body and had to hold back a cry. That teenager came up to me and offered me a handkerchief. I looked back and he was gone. I still had his black handkerchief. I held it tight and shoved it into my pocket of the dress. When everyone left, I stayed behind to say goodbye to Adam and was on clean up duty. I picked up all the streamers and trash that people littered and left on the floor. I took down the sign with the help of my trusty step-ladder. I usually carry it to events just in case I need to decorate. Or maybe even beat down other people who pick on me.
  10. I tell them that if I ever had a step-ladder on me when they picked on me, I could beat them down. Of course I would never actually beat them with the ladder. I would stand on it. I need the height. Being short doesn't really make me intimidating. It just makes me look like a human doll but fun sized. I took a quick trip to the restroom before I said goodbye forever. I came out and walked toward the coffin. I lifted the closed coffin up to reveal his body. It was gone. I called the police. Maybe they could do something. How could someone hurt you so many times even if they weren't alive? I felt burns and aches. Not physically but in my heart. The police came and gave me a blanket. I didn't need one but I accepted it.
  11. I felt cold and numb but the blanket didn't help, it just made me feel colder. Someone put their arms around me, to block the invisible chill that made me shiver every few minutes. I looked up from the ground hoping it's be Adam. It wasn't. That's when another strong wave of sadness hit me. He wasn't alive anymore and it was my fault. The person rubbed my shoulders and I finally looked into their eyes. It was that same stranger I saw earlier.
  12. A cop came my way with a badge showing. "We have a few questions for you since you are a witness to the murder and disappearance of Adam Jones.". I nodded and followed them into the police car and so did the teenager from earlier. "Why are you here? I saw you at the funeral and I don't remember you being one of Adam's friends.". "Well, it's kind of complicated. You see, I'm a-". He was cut off by the police officer. "That's confidential information.".
  13. "Why can't I tell her. She has a right to know and she's my client. Therefore I can tell her.". The officer grumbled some curses and then said nothing more. "I'm an undercover CIA agent. I'm still in training. Anyway, your boyfriend was in quite some debt to the mafia. He was awful scared that you were going to be hurt. I worked undercover as someone in the mafia, so I learned all this information. He hired me because he somehow found out I'm an agent. So basically now I'm your bodyguard since he paid me for it and I was assigned by the agency. My name is Taylor.". This story smelled a little fishy and didn't make a lick of sense. I wanted some answers and was determined to get them.

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