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There are some things worth holding on to and some things worth fighting for. Sometimes I think if this site is worth fighting for and then I think of you people and I say I'm ready for war. ~Aria

This site means too much to me and I'm not going to let anyone bring it down. I'm going to make it rise like a star; a beautiful shining star like it was meant to be. I'll be a bit harsh in some parts of the quiz, I don't regret it. It's how I feel and I love GTQ. x

Created by: Aria

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  1. Hola guys and girls! I'm Aria and I'm not too ecstatic about the news I've heard from someone on Gotoquiz. Orange Fusion is leaving? Wait, hold up. WHY?
  2. Okay let me begin. I cannot STAND to see people leaving anymore. I just can't. Ever since natuhleegayle moved to Wattpad, everyone started moving. Hey, I'm not blaming her or Wattpad. I'm just saying people are giving up on this site when they don't REALISE Gotoquiz NEEDS them. I can't deal with another person leaving Gotoquiz. It hurts me. It hurts me really badly! D:
  3. I know this quiz is a bit late but I made it long ago and never got to finish. I'm so angry right now. People are still making level up quizzes with BS in it and not even being creative; they're not earning their levels. They're cheating GTQ to it; and it frustrates me to see these people get away with it. You know who you are and honestly, I don't give a rat's tail if you dislike me because I'm not here for you to like me. I'm here to support my loved ones and restore this fudging place back into its former beauty. Understood?
  4. Okay, so I was talking to Cal probably two weeks or a week ago and we were TRYING to come up with ideas to get a family reunion and let the people who were there with us, see how much Gotoquiz means to us all. The only idea we've come up with is the 'Aria and Oliver' wedding but I'm not even sure it can work. Gotoquiz isn't even a quizzing site anymore. I don't like how it's become and until I'm fully satisfied with this place, I'm NOT leaving, I'm NOT giving up and I am NOT backing down from my position of being a helper. I am fully aware that this site has been through much damaged, the inside of the site is cracking, causing the outer layers to crack and I, Aria, am NOT going to let that happen because I love this place and I will do ANYTHING it'll take to bring this place back into how it was in 2011-2012. Understood my fellow people?
  5. We all are drowning with the water close up to our chins but some of us aren't giving up and I hope you aren't either because sticking together and working as one is what that's going to help us. Stand together, stay strong and work as one. Nice motto? I'm thinking of using it as my motto for Gotoquiz and sticking it up on my wall, along with some other Gotoquiz quotes I have.
  6. Now, someone once told me that it's no point in trying to restore this place because it's been in too much damage. My message to you is: try. That's the only think I'm asking. TRY. Let's continue writing our stories and getting them on the front page, let's educate young writers to begin writing on this site. Let's get writers on this site like how it was in 2011-2012. Please? :)
  7. Okay, I'm going to use a few of our writer's paragraph or paragraphs. Firstly, let's start with HogwartsLove. Her quiz, Hogwarts has gotten many rates, many comments and has inspired a lot of young writers on here, and people with potential. *A summer breeze hit you as it flew in through the window, and you shivered before it passed and the sun beamed directly onto your skin. A group of adult wizards and witches sat before you, discussing something. They didn't notice your arrival, of course. But the house you were in was eerily familiar. "Mister Ollivander disappears and you think there's nothing to worry about?" shouted a woman who looked like she had seen so much she'd aged quickly. Her thick, shoulder-length brown hair was tamed only by a wide black headband. "I'll agree that this is a concerning issue," said a young man with an exhausted voice. His light brown hair was blotched with streaks of grey and he ran his fingers through it. The shabby clothing he wore was patched in several places, and you were sure he was often mistaken for being homeless, due to that and his unhealthy, lethargic state. "Remus Lupin..." you whispered under your breath, recalling the third-year Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. "But our main concern right now should be Harry," he continued, and a shabby man on the other end of the table held up his glass in agreement. "James is first," the unshaven, well-built man smiled"ā€¯Sirius. Mrs. Weasley, whom you'd never seen so vicious, threw a knife into the table. "Harry is not James!"* Do you remember this? Do you miss this? Because I certainly do!
  8. Now, TheRecklessBam. I love this girl with everything, she's amazing and she's my big sis! Honestly, do you remember Teenage Chronicle? The last part was part 42. Here's a sneak peek of it. *"No!" He groaned when I straddled the back of him. "Hmmm, I guess I'll just tickle you." I threatened. "Wanna join?" I looked over at Josh who grinned widely. He got off of the couch and stood next to me. "What? How can you pick her over me?" Alex said from underneath me. I laughed as Josh shrugged. "What happened t bro's before h-" I smacked the back of his head. "Don't you dare finish that sentence." He chuckled and I could feel his body vibrate. "I will not give in." He said sternly. "Okay," I grinned and my hands made their way to his sides. He wiggled but I didn't stop. My fingers began tickling his sides and he laughed hysterically and squirmed trying to escape. "I don't think so," I taunted and continued to tickle him.* Do you want more of it? You need to persuade her to write more; give her inspiration.
  9. Well this writer isn't leaving and I know she isn't planning to leave anytime soon so here's a little love I'd like to share with you all. xxblutixx is an amazing writer, person with a bubbly personality and a sister to everyone on this site. She's talented, sweet and completely mind blowing. I think she's incredible and she's been writing for a long while now. Even though, sometimes she might lose inspiration, she always shake it off and get back on the track of writing and updating on this site. She hasn't switched accounts to Wattpad, but she does have an account on Wattpad. What I'm trying to say is, take her as an example. She will never leave soon and her strength and love for this place is something we can only imagine.
  10. Now, to Missy Prissy Cat. I think she's left Gotoquiz, sadly because she had arrived at her fifteenth part on her quiz series called, "Remember the future." I remember how she used to stand up for what she believed in, she was intelligence and she used her intellect to educate and awake others to reality and truth. She was a huge Phineas and Ferb lover and she was outspoken. She wouldn't let anything hold her back and I think she inspired the long comments on quizzes. I miss her, a lot.
  11. I don't expect the newbies to understand what I'm trying to say but I expect the old Gotoquiz family to. I miss all the good times we had. Do you know we were one strong bunch? We fought off any hater that came to us like flash and even if one of us were down, quizzes would be made to cheer that person up. Gotoquiz was a very inspirational place and I have no idea what it's become to. I need us to work together and try to see what we can do to restore it; just once. Please? I love you all very much. I always have, always will, until the very end like Severus loved Lily. Jump to the sky! x

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