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  • That was so touching, I cried. By the way, I started going on GTQ in 2010. I only made an account in December (which is when my birthday is) so I understand what's going on and how your feeling. To be honest, I feel the same way. I've also noticed how much GTQ changed...and I miss the old one. I want everyone who's left, to come back. I want to look at the newest quizzes list and find lots of story quizzes. I want the old Gotoquiz back.

    Miss Direction
  • First comment! Anyway, what was I going to say... Oh, yeah! Aria, you are one amazing girl. Not many people would actually take the time o write this sort of quiz. (Well at least not most of the people on this site now :/) Worse, not many people bother to read them. Also, Gotoquiz Appreciation Day is a GREAT idea. Love ya!

  • Hey, @Aria, could you take my quizzes please?

    Pyra Potter
  • Hi Aria! I wonder if you are still visit this site.

    Orange Fusion

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