What Kind Of Espionage Are You?

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Espionage: Espionage is the practice of tracking down bad guys through spies. Usually the people that work for this system serve their countries, helping to rid the world of all the bad people that harm their country. In different countries different people that work for a "espionage" organisation are called different things. In Japan a ninja is most commonly referred to.

Whether you have a desire for helping rid the world of bad guys to just a curious quiz taker. This quiz uncovers; depending on your personality, what kind of espionage you are.

Created by: KlineXcreed
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  1. What is your personality most like?
  2. What kind of activities do you most like?
  3. It's cold. The chilly wind blows harder, you pull tighter at your jacket but know you must keep walking. It's nearly winter now and snow will be two feet deep before you know it. You are determined to stay alive. All you possess is a small dagger, your coat, a strange bottle with liquid in it and five franks. Now you stand on a path. Wondering where to head next. In the distance you see a castle, to your right is a neighboring village, and to your left are dark woods. Where are you heading?
  4. The sky is a dark but not too dark. The golden glimmer of light has just tucked itself into bed and the first sign of stars flicker in the draining light. You sit there now, assigned to kill. The orders were given to target a famous slave traitor. You however have no idea who or where this man is. The only clue's are Suparegon, the supposed birth place of this traitor, Lady Red a victim that has escaped and a dagger found in the village of the escaped traiter's possessions. What do you do first?
  5. Tell me, what are your strengths?
  6. Tell me, what are your weaknesses?
  7. The lights are out. It's dark and you cannot see. You can sense the enemy near. A small creak, barely whispers. A pause. Then from the other side of the room you hear a bang and suddenly your enemy is upon you. What is your strategy?
  8. Someone was murdered last night. A rich man, 60 years old, right after he finished his meal. Dead and cold but no evidence. His eyes are closed and is said to have died two different ways. However, the truth is he only died by one of them. Was it a shot in the head or poison.
  9. Which of these jobs sound most appealing?
  10. Which of these animals are most appealing?
  11. The day is growing weary. Your teacher babbles on, it's 2:15 now. Just one hour later and you will be free! But for right now your stuck in math 101. How do you react to being in math class 101.
  12. You are in the Hunger Games. There is one survivor, one champion and one winner. Your goal is to be the last one standing. What is your strategy.
  13. Did you like the quiz?(Being it my first quiz.)

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