what food are you

this is a fabulous quiz to find out what food you are, it may not be the kindest quiz in the world, but, hey you want honesty don't you? i thought as much.

like with all quizzes i dont really think that a second paragraph is necessary, i mean, i'm guessing you know what this quiz is about based on the title alone really. enjoy!

Created by: nancy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your favourite holiday?
  2. what is your favorite music genre
  3. favourite beverage
  4. if your house was burning down to the cold ground what would you save
  5. favourite season
  6. favourite bone in the human body
  7. favourite colour
  8. how many exclamation marks is too many exclamation marks?!!!!!!!!!
  9. friends or family?
  10. favourite tree?
  11. favourite word/ phrase
  12. favourite alphabet?
  13. favourite hose from hogwarts?
  14. what is your name

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Quiz topic: What food am I