which stereotype

Yes we all now that there is a sstereo food chain. Yes popular at the top ad loners at the bottom. But who cares a food cain is another way to put you down. That is why there is the food line there is no such thing as getting eaten up.

So lets see which area you belong in from emos to populars. We all are on the same level. People just think and have differdnt personalities. Food cains suck specially the stereotype ones.

Created by: lazermazer

  1. which is your favorite pastime
  2. which is your favorite color genre
  3. what do you wear on a regular basses
  4. yes or no questions you ready
  5. if someone is getting bullied do you join in.
  6. Do you have instagram twitter snapchat etc.
  7. do you like shopping can be for clothes to sport gear
  8. okay true or false you answered this quiz truthfully
  9. will you rate/comment
  10. did you like this quiz

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