How suited are you to be a curator?

Curators may seem very boring in television, but they really have a stressful job. They can end up being the top experts in the pyramids, picasso, or even art forgery. They are the top of any museum or gallery food chain.

Is curator the dream job you are looking for? Or should you look for something far, far away from this line of work? In a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: Roberta

  1. Do you find art interesting?
  2. What about History?
  3. How are you with a leadership role?
  4. Curators have to travel. How are you with that?
  5. You also need to visit artists and collectors.
  6. Depending on the facility, you may need to give tours or lectures.
  7. Almost done. A collector comes in saying they want to put their work on display in your gallery. Upon examination, however, you find out it is a fake. What do you do?
  8. Curators must relocate frequently. Can you do that?
  9. Two more. How are you with researching artifacts and documents?
  10. Last question? Could you create a display within a few hours for an exhibit?

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Quiz topic: How suited am I to be a curator?