Alsace Wine Quiz

This wine quiz is all about the region of Alsace, France. I am currently studying to become a sommelier and was having trouble finding some good tests on specific wine regions.

Do you think you know wine? Give this quiz a try and find out if you know your stuff or if you should probably stick with beer. Good luck and people sipping on wine tend to do better while taking the quiz.

Created by: Jason

  1. Which grape varietal is not grown in Alsace?
  2. Which is not one of the noble grapes of Alsace?
  3. What about Alsace wine labels makes them unusual for France?
  4. Which is not a geographical influence in Alsace?
  5. Which would best describe Alsace's growing conditions?
  6. What is a late harvest wine of Alsace called?
  7. Selection de Grains Nobles is which of the following?
  8. Alsace is located in what part of France?
  9. Which is not a Grand Cru of Alsace?
  10. What percentage of the Alsace wine produced is red?

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