What Fighting Fantasy Character are you?

There are limited Fighting Fantasy quizzes out there on the internet, so I created one of my own. It is my very first one and may not be as great, but I will make more of them and in time they will improve. I am curious to know how our personalities and atttiudes connect with the FF characters?

Which Fighting Fantasy Character do you think you are? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Khaxzan
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  1. A lover of history, a master student of the dark arts and mental shrewdness best describes you?
  2. Tasks are taken too seriously, you are quite talkative and like to throw insults at others, but you are known to keep your promises. Does this describe you?
  3. Hobbies take priority over important tasks such as work or school. You have bad habits and good brainstorming skills. Does this best describe you?
  4. You are conservative. You support authoritive governments and love stone buildings and walls as a means of defensive fortification?
  5. Flower power and dark places intice you, but toxic metals and warm climates suffering from enviromental problems from wood burning stoves and fumes from blacksmiths bothers you.
  6. Mutants, zombies and fairies bewitch you. The cosmos is in your heart and the future is only a hope of survival.
  7. Hot lemony drinks and daylight are scarcely on your agenda. You'd much rather eat squirming meats and hang out with your buddies under a full moon?
  8. You can discuss war and politics while concentrating on a bloody battle and still have a good time?
  9. Medallions and amulets are pretty.
  10. Male villains are better than female villains?

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