Mysterious Love (Part 1)

You are 17 and you live in the city all your life. You will be dealing with problems that occur in friendship, love, school, and work. It is your chance to make your last year of high school the best you'll ever have!!! In this story, you'll meet Josh, Mike, and Matt.

This is my first story quiz. I decided to write this since I read and was inspired by all the great quizzes on GTQ. I wanted to make a story slightly different than the others. If you have any comments and suggestions, be free to make it. Hope you like it.

Created by: Fairygal

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  1. I am going to describe the guys and you're going to rate them. Okay?
  2. The first guy's name is Josh. He has short dirty-blonde hair that is swept to the side. His gray eyes that have flecks of blue and purple always seem to smile when he's around people. He is a little taller than you and he has lean muscles. Although he is not very popular, he makes a lot of friends since he gets along with pretty much everyone. He is the kind of guy who will try to make you smile and laugh, doing whatever it takes to make you happy.
  3. The second guy's name is Mike. He has tousled dark brown hair and light blue eyes. His group of friends involve the athletes and popular people. He is actually a great guy. He is romantic and sweet. The problem is that he is taken. You interested?
  4. Finally, the last guy is Matt. He has long raven black that seems to cover his eye(s). He is quiet and often keeps to himself. It is rare to see him smile but when he does, it is worth it. You'll feel special if you get the chance to see the lovable personality that he has locked up inside. So do you like him?
  5. *Reminder* This _____ is your name. You are 17 and going to Draler High. You have lived in the city all your life... "Arghh... I hate my new job," you say as you rush out of your house. With an iced Capp in your hand (or whatever you like), you take a huge sip, relishing the taste and surge of caffeine the drink gave you. You relax a little, calming down. You look for your car. Oh no! It's not there where it's supposed to be. You panic. You might be late for work. Within a second, you realize that you had the car sent for repairs! You slap your forehead in frustration.
  6. You have no choice. You'll have to run. The place that you work at is pretty far from where you live but you'll have to try to make the distance. With another sip of your drink, you dodge men in business suits, kids playing on the sidewalk, dogs running on the streets, and cars driving fast while taking breaks. Seeing your street, you slow down, huffing and puffing with sweat clinging to your body. Not looking where you're going you bump into someone. The drink you were holding fell out of your cup, its content spilling onto the person you bumped into and all over the floor.
  7. "Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to! I was... I just..." you blabber. You look down to the ground, your face red with embarrassment. "It's okay," a male voice says, a hint of laughter in it. You look up at him.
  8. He has short dirty-blonde hair with grey eyes. He is wearing a white polo shirt with blue jeans. He looks like the kind of guy who doesn't get mad easily. This is shown by his gentle smile. You got to admit, he's pretty cute. "But I got my drink over your shirt... I need to at least do something for you or I'll feel bad," you say. "Well... you can do one thing."
  9. "Can you tell me your name?" he asks. You stand there wondering if you should.
  10. Despite what you thought before, you decide to tell him. What's the harm? "My name is _______." "What a nice name. _______. I'll remember that," he says, giving you a large smile. You blush a little. Then you realize that you still have to get to work. "Oh no. I got to go. Sorry. Bye." You run off, leaving him looking at you with a confused look on his face.
  11. You make to the 'Quick 'N Easy' store you work in. Your manager is standing inside, looking at you with a disappointed look on his face. "_______, it's the third time in a row you've been late. Promise me you will try to make it next time?" "Yes I promise but I..." "No more talking. Go get changed into your uniform." You sigh in disappointment and retreat to the change room.
  12. When you're in the change room, you hear the ring of the door opening and footsteps. Your manager talks to the person very loud. Apparently this person is son and late for work too. You hear the person say, "Sorry dad. I was held back. I would have been here earlier but I was delayed..." the voice tickles the back of your mind. It sounds familiar. After getting into your uniform, you walk out. "______!?" the mysterious person yells. You look up and your eyes grow wide in surprise. "It's you!!?"
  13. So that's the first part to my story. I hope you enjoyed it. It is my first time doing a quiz and a story. If you have any suggestions, write it in the comments. I know it's long (or short) but I tried my best. Hope you like it!
  14. I know you didn't get to see the guys but you will in the next part. Anyway, who do you like (from the descriptions in the first few questions)?

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