Does he like you?

Most girls wonder about guys. They're so mysterious yet awesome. And what exactly is so mysterious about them? The fact that we have no clue what they're thinking! Do they like my outfit? What do they think of my hair????? Now the secrets are unlocked.

Take this quiz and you won't be in doubt. Does he love you or does he not? Is it meant to be? Or will your heart be forever broken? For those who dare find out and see...

Created by: Prudence

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are talking on the phone, he starts to say something but stops.
  2. He has sat by you or stood by you then slowly moved towards you.
  3. Has he ever kissed or hugged you?
  4. Do you like him?
  5. Do you hang out...
  6. Does he know your birthday?
  7. Do you share common interests?
  8. Does his last name fit you well?
  9. Do you have his number, email address, or is he one of your myspace friends?
  10. Has he ever given you a gift?

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