Who Will Be Your Love?

this is part number 1 in my series Who Will Be Your Love? there will be 20 parts. it is 20days until the halloween dance and by then you have to choose one of the boys to be your one and only love.

the guys: zac- the sporty one (plays lacrosse and soccer) has shaggy dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. he is tall, about 5'10" luke- the player. he gets all the girls. he is also tall like zac but not as built. he has messy dirty blonde hair and dazzling emerald green eyes. adam- the quiet emo rocker who is very mysterious. he has jet black hair with bangs that cover one violet eye. he is medium height, about 5'7" drake-the geeky smart one, who has light blonde hair, warm chocolate brown eyes, and is kind of short. he is about 5'5"

Created by: Raquel

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  1. You are at school, sitting in math class when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. everyone is beginning to freak out. including you. there is a real fire at your school. you just cant believe it. you start to run out the door when you realize you left your jacket back in the classroom. it was your mom's and the only thing you have left of her.you have to run back and get it. on your way back you see the williams brothers (adam, zac, luke, and drake) running out the door. they are the most popular boys in school. they are also close family friends and they all happen to be hott! you are tempted to just run out the door with them but then you remember your dead mom's jacket and run back to the math room. by this time the fire has spread far throughout the school. the math room is basically all smoke. you take one breath and begin to cough. you see your jacket in flames. "no" you manage to whisper as the you slowly black out. while you are unconscious you have a fantasy.. which williams brother does it involve?
  2. you suddenly are awoken from your black out by someone kissing you. you open your eyes to see zac looking down at you. you are thinking to yourself:
  3. zac says"_______ are you okay?" you answer "no! i just wanna go home" you live right next to school so you decide you cant be far, you get up and begin to walk home. "no wait!" zac calls. you spin around "what?" "i dont know how to say this but.. youre house burnt down with the school. youre dad was inside. he died" zac looks at you with caution. the other boys come rushing at you. luke, adam, and drake all see your upset face and immediately turn to zac. "what did you do?" they shout. at that moment you just break down and cry. you're thinking;
  4. you collapse onto the guy of your choice. he comforts you by rubbing your back and stroking your hair. suddenly you jump back. "whats wrong, ____?" asks drake. "i just thought, where am i going to live?" you shout. "well thats no problem, you can stay with us!" says zac. "yay!, lets go home" you say. wow you got over your dads death quickly. as you are walking home you think;
  5. you walk into the boys house, it is very quiet. they live by themselves because their parents died last year and no one wanted to take them in. you go in and all sit in the living room to sort out the sleeping situation. "well there are only 4 rooms" says zac. "yeah which means she's gonna have to share with one of us" luke says. he looks at you and gives a wink. "she is not staying with me" says adam. "i guess she should stay with drake since he is, you know... nevermind" says zac. drake blushes as he catches your eye. "come on, i will show you your room" says drake and you walk upstairs. you are thinking
  6. as drake shows you to his room, you wonder "am i going to have to sleep in the same bed as him?!?!?" as if he read your mind, when you get to the door of drake's room he turns around and says "dont worry i have two beds from when me and luke shared a room." you're thinking
  7. once you get into drakes room he tells you he will leave you alone, the bathroom is down the hall, they will take you shopping tomorrow for clothes, and to come down in 1 hour for dinner. when drake leaves you go to the bathroom. but, on your way there you are pulled into a room by someone. you try to scream but they cover your mouth. you turn around in the room and realize zac is standing there. what do you do?
  8. whatever you choose before you can say anything he kisses you romanticly and says "_____ ever since i met you i have been in love with you" and then runs out"
  9. stunned you walk out of closet and continue on your way to the bathroom. when you are almost there you are pulled into another room. this time its luke looking at you. "hey" you say. he just laughs and begins to kiss you fiercely. he pushes you up against a wall and you continue to make out, even if you dont like him this is very fun!
  10. when you two are through making out, he looks at you and winks then walks out. you catch a breath and try to finally get to the bathroom! you open the door, walk in, and close it.
  11. you turn around and.....
  12. sorry.. thats the end of part 1, part 2 will be out on july 23rd. who do you love?

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