Welcome to Everett Highschool part 2

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Hello and welcome to the second installment of "welcome to everett highschool" i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it,and look at the results for images of the guys ;) your welcome,dont forget to comment your faves!!

*descriptions of guys* Blake:blake hair and piercing blue eyes,strong,has personality,your locker buddy,vampire. Jack: Blonde hair and brown eyes, kind,sporty,and very funny. Logan:red hair,loves music,mysterious,angel. new guy: ? ? ?

Created by: ILuvHolister
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  1. You continue to introduce yourself throughout the day. The bell rings adn you head off to your locker,the redheaded boy who had stopped blake from making a scene is waiting there. "hello maggie." he says nonchalantly. "hello,i dont know who you are." You respond. He simply laughs. "my name is logan,but thats about all anyone knows.Ill see you around maggie,welcome to everett." He says and walks off with his headphones in his ears. You turn backaround to see blake face to face with you. "why did you let him touch you?" he asked calmly. "I dont know." you responded. "but it isnt really something to be concerned about." You say. Blake gets a pained expression, "be careful maggie,i dont want to see you hurt." He says then walks out of the school building, nobody stops him.
  2. You follow him. You know you wont get in trouble anyway,the principal is out at a meeting today and the teachers seemed exceedingly forgiving. "wait." You called after blake. "stop blake,please." you say. He stops and walks back over to you. "how much do you know about 'us' in the past?" Says Blake. "Us?" You reply puzzled. "Ill show you." He says taking out a picture of you and a small boy with dark black hair holding hands.Its you and blake. But you dont remember anything about it. "i cant remember it?" you ask and state. "They wiped your memory of me,i think." He said. "why?" You asked. "so we would not continue to do what is forbidden." said blake. 'which is?" you asked. "being together." said blake as he leaned in and kissed you. "i can give you those memories back, just trust me." HE says solemnly. "i trust you." You say. he kisses you for a long time and your memory slowly returns.HE tried to protect you from seeing the rest of your past,but he couldnt. Your friends and family were all killed.
  3. Tears streamed down your face. "shh,its okay maggie.Im here.Your safe,ill never let them hurt you." Says blake hugging you tightly. "all of them were killed. all of them?" you choke out. "yes.your the sole survivor of the most powerful family known in our world.You are an everett." He says.
  4. "so,what are you people?" you ask blake. "im a vampire." he says. But i believe not everyone else is,their are fallen angels,werewolves,and of course others. "Im glad i found you again,maggie.ive missed you for ages." Said blake. "i remember,are you my boyfriend then?" you ask. "i dunno,i think ill let you decide that after you figure out everett high." he says with a wink. "but ill be waiting." he says and walks away.
  5. Well that was bizarre you say to yourself. You continue through the school day. You manage to talk to jack,who asks you to hang out with him and logan after school. You agree and meet up at his house...
  6. *jack"s house* his pov: hm, i do wonder whats taking her so long. she should be here by now,maybe i should go check on her place. Your pov: You get attacked by some intimidating looking people,and get knocked out...
  7. You wake up and are in a soft bed. blake,jack,and logan are all sitting around you. 'what happened?" you asked them. "Your not safe alone anymore,you got attacked. You should stay with us from now on." says blake. "we will protect you." says logan. You agree,because there isnt another alternative. there is a sudden knock at the door. blake and jack leave to investigate for a while. Logan stays.He unfurls his wings. they are incredibly majestic. "im an angel." he says. "woah." you say remarking about his beautiful wings. You are by now incredibly confused...
  8. "do i know you from my past too?" you ask him. "no,we have only just met." He says with a faint grin. "why am i here? am i even that important?" you ask. "yes,and you are here to find someone to love and eventually marry,its your duty as the final everett." he says. "who can i pick?" you ask."whoever you love out of all of us.we are mequdi,we were chosen from birth for this.
  9. "You had no choice?" You ask him. "no, we didnt.i didnt at least." he said."have you ever loved someone logan,but not been able to be with them,because of this?" You ask. "i love someone,but i doubt they know it yet,and it doesnt change my decision." he says. "who is it?" You ask him. "its a secret." he says holding up a finger to his lips. You feel rather calm and relaxed around him.
  10. "Im going to go now,"he said and he left. jack entered the room. "so he told you we are mequdi." says jack. "yes." you reply. "thats great." he says. " are you being forced into this?" you ask him after a short while. "no,i chose it." he says. "i hope your life doesnt seem to insane so far.' He says. "not yet." You reply.
  11. "who was at the door?" you asked Jack. "another mequdi.you will meet him today." Says Jack. The door creaks open and in the new guy walks..

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