A Highschool Love Story. ~Part 4~

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This is part 4 of the epic series. The three guys are: alec, jacob, and matt. only take this if you have take the fist 3 parts or it will make no sense what so ever!

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Created by: xXParisXx
  1. "JACOB!" you cry dumbfounded! you run out to the street. The car stops and a girl with red hair and green eyes runs over and starts crying. "I-I didn't know he was there- He just jumped out of nowhere!" the girl crys.
  2. "Hold on, I think I can help.." you say wearily. You slowly pace your shaking nimble fingers over Jacob's forehead. you think about all the energy in your body going towards healing Jacob. Your hand starts to glow a brilliantly sunny yellow.
  3. The girl gasps, she drops her designer purple handbag and backs away slowly from you. Jacob's eyes suddenly open. He's gasping for air, but his injuries are healed. "Wh- What Happened?!" he says gasping. You were injured you reply. " I healed you with my healing powers." you say. You hold up your still glowing hand to prove it. "YOU WHAT?!" Jacob screams.
  4. "I-I have to go!" he shouts running off. As he runs you hear him mumble ' Im contaminated... must get better'. "What was that about?!" asks the rich red headed girl. "Oh and sorry I hit him I'll pay for everything...." she trails off as she pulls out a check book. "Oh no harm done, odd to hear someone say that, but I don't think anybody saw, your car looks fine and so is Jacob." you say quickly. "Umm okay then?? Are you sure you aren't going to call the cops..." she slowly says. "I Promise. Bye now." you say.
  5. You walk back to school steadily but dignified. Matt sees you and runs towards you. " Hey is Jacob alright?! Ive been looking for you everywhere!" he says out of breath. "yea he's fine. I healed him with some uhhh..... well my dad is a doctor." you say worried Matt might act like Jacob. Matt is staring at your hand. You look down to see your hand is still GLOWING. You quickly hide it behind your back. "Um I have to go now.." Matt says and runs away. You can hear him mumbling ' Kill... girl..... monster...'
  6. Thoughts start whirling your head you slowly start to close your eyes. You can feel blood whirling around your head and flowing through your body. Soon the world is pitch black.
  7. You slowly open your eyes to see Alec. Standing there. You start to steadily stand up. "Twice in a day?! REALLY ALEC?!" you say frusturated. "Well I had to talk to you some place safe." he admits. " Hey why did Jacob and Matt get all scared of me?" you ask. "Oh You poor thing." Alec says jokingly. "You have so much to learn..."
  8. That's it! stay tuned for part 5!
  9. Im proud to announce my quiz "What will your first child be like?" Made front page with over 450 views! It was made by me, xXParisXx.
  10. Bye

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