Which guy is your dream guy?

You have just been kidnapped by four smoking-hot guys,Austin,he has dark brown hair and deep enchanting blue eyes,Andrew,he has blonde hair and deep green eyes,Zack,he has jet black hair and dark dark brown eyes,and Blaze,he has bronze hir with purple tinted blue eyes.

You were taken to a mysterious place with mysterious danger and mysterious thoughts.Hey the part 2 will be out soon!Please comment this quiz,and stay tuned for more of them!

Created by: MayRose

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  1. Your'e new in town,you don't have any new friends yet.You walk to your new high school when this guy in a black hoodie hits you on the head while you aren't looking,you black out.
  2. You wake up in a in a black car,your head starts hurting,you moan "owww!"the guy in the hoodie hears you.He pulls the hood down and you see his face.You realize this guy is smoking hot!
  3. He notices that your head is bleeding.He hands you a cloth."Sorry,"he says quietly,"I didn't want to hurt you,but this was the only way to get you to come with me""You could have asked!"You say holding the cloth to your head."We have been watching you for a while-""We?"you say inturrupting him."Yes-We."As he says this he pulls up to a HUGE mansion.You can clearly see that behind this mansion there is a beautiful pool and a lovely rose garden."Welcome to your new home!" he says getting out of the car and opening your door.What are you thinking?
  4. He grabs your hand and runs with you into the mansion before you can object."Welcome!!"As you walk into the house you see 3 other guys.Which one catches your eye?
  5. "Hi _____"Austin says looking up from his book."I'm Austin"You see that he has brown hair with deep deep dark blue eyes."Yeah hi _____!"Andrew says a little bit to excitedly,he notices this and tries to calm down."I'm Andrew"he says.Zack looks up from his weights and says"Welcome to our humble aboad,by the way my names Zack.The guy in the hoodie gestures you inside the house."Whats your name?"You say directly to him."Oh, i'm Blaze.
  6. From shock,You faint.Before you faint you see. . .
  7. You wake up in a room covered in everything you would want in your dream room.you sit up and see three sets of eyes staring at you,each has concern written into them."Are you okay!"Andrew yells!You cover your ears,you have a headache."Oh, Sorry,"He whispers."Yeah, I think so"You look around you see that Blaze isn't there.Austin sees this and says"When you fainted, Blaze was so in shock that he also fainted""Oh,thanks for telling me.""Are you okay?"Zack says.You say yeah but you really feel
  8. You try and stand up only to fall down again,luckily Austin catches you before you fall*blushes*"Thanks Austin." He grins at you and winks ;).He decides that he better walk behind you in case you fall again.Andrew is right behind him and behind Andrew is Zack.What are you thinking right now?
  9. When you reach Blaze's room you see him unconsious on his bed.You sit next to him and try and wake him up.How do you wake him up?
  10. Whatever you did to wake him up,it worked."WHA-WHAT ha-happened!""Austin pulled out a chair for you to sit in.You sit next Austin,when Andrew sees this his face turns a slighlty pinkish color.As Zack explains to Blaze what happened you hear a window break downstairs,you run down the stairs and see that someone has thrown a rock through the window.You pick up the rock,it has a note attached to it.You are about to read it when you here the guys runsh down the stairs,you quickly hide the note in your pocket.
  11. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!!!"Zack yells at you.You show him the rock.He looks freaked out,he calls a meeting with the rest of the guys and tells you to go get some rest.
  12. You go up to your new room,you turn on your lamp and take take the note out of your pocket.
  13. Hey guys!I'm back!Just to warn ya,if you dont be careful,I'll take ____ from ya!So watch out!From,Heathe
  14. Which guy is your dream guy?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?