Choose a dream guy

So, you often sit up at night, thinking, wht do you think of? Is it cheese?(of course!!!) or is it this line," who is my dream guy?" well, think no more!

Do you like guys who would sing their love for you? Or is it someone who would gie you a necklace? Or is it just the way he looks at you, that you can tell. I hope this quiz helps you!

Created by: Octoberpuppylove

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What hair color do you want for your dream guy?
  3. What hight do you want your dream guy to be?
  4. You want him to be...
  5. You want his smile to be...
  6. What subject do you want him to excell in?
  7. For a gift, what would you want?
  8. How would you greet each other?
  9. How do you want him to show his love?
  10. How does he look at you
  11. Its time for me to go!

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