Don't leave me hanging part 6

This is the sixth part of my first story quiz. You might want to take the others if you haven't already. There's a special part to this quiz because... well I explained it in the last question, so enjoy and participate please :)

Recap: Jack told you about how Blake is his enemy and about the conflict that they have. You are about to find out who is walking into the room after Jack's explanation.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. The long, platinum blond hair and excited bright blue eyes of Stella are so familiar to you, yet so different today. She skips into the room, the sun glinting on her, showing barely visible silver highlights in her hair, lighting up the many shades of violet swirling in her eyes, and highlighting the cream feathers of her wings.
  2. "Jack-Jack!" she calls, "What's up?" Jack turns around looking surprised, "Hey, Ellie? I thought you were out today?" She looks confused, "But, didn't you just call me?" Cory pipes up, "Nope that was me." Stella turns around to face Cory's direction sticking her tongue out at him, "You should stop confusing me like-" She suddenly sees you, "_______!? When did she get here? Why didn't anyone tell me?" and within a second, she's back to the Stella you know, no wings, multi-colored hair, or eyes.
  3. "Stella! You're in on it too? Is everyone I know part of this, and I'm just the last one to find out?" you shout. "_______..." Jack begins. "You've said enough, Jack" you say, and you storm off, not exactly sure where you're going. After you've cooled down a bit, you realize you're in a familiar hall, the hallway outside of the room you first woke up in. The door is slightly open, and you can't resist the urge to peek through the crack.
  4. You see Kris lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. You can hear music playing, but it so quiet, you can't even tell what type of music it is. "Hey _______," he says in a mostly emotionless voice, "You can come in."
  5. You enter the room, a little shyly, and he sits up. "What's up, ______?" You shake your head, "It's not important." Kris pats the space next to him, and you sit down, "Anything dealing with you is important to me," he says. You give him an doubtful look, "Well, what about you, why did you leave and come up here?" He looks to the side, "It doesn't matter."
  6. "That's hypocritical, you can't be the only one demanding information," you tease, sticking out your tongue at him. The right-corner of his mouth briefly turns upwards in a half-smile then it disappears. "_______, when I found out that there was a unique magical person in this town, I hoped they could handle our uncertain and dangerous life. When I went into your school to provide extra protection and met you, I hoped that everyone was wrong and you weren't the person because I didn't want you to have to be stuck in this dangerous, complicated... life."
  7. "Oh." you comment, unsure what else to say. Kris's gray eyes seem to gleam silver in the darkness of his room as he looks intensely at you, "Promise me now, you'll keep yourself safe from unnecessary risks?" You stutter out, "Um... y-yeah." "Good," he whispers and kisses your cheek softly...
  8. But he pulls back almost immeadiately, looking ashamed and leaving the ghost of his lips on your cheek. "You're probably overwhelmed... I should show you to your room we have ready for you," he mumbles.
  9. He leads you out into the hallway and up a winding staircase at the top of which is a door. He opens it and leads you into a large room painted an aqua color with dark wooden floors. There are two large, uncovered floor-to ceiling windows between which is a king-sized, intricate metal bed with lime green and blue bedding and the most pillows you've ever seen in one place. A glasstop desk with a swivel chair, a large bookcase, and an armchair are the only other pieces in the room. There are two other doors, one leading to a walk-in-closet and on leading to a full bathroom.
  10. "This is all yours. I hope you like it, if you don't you can always redecorate..." Kris says uncertainly. "I love it," you exclaim breathlessly (even if you don't) smiling at him, "Thanks." He nods, "I'll give you some alone time now." With that, he leaves.
  11. For the first time in days, you have nothing to do. No one is telling you what to do, homework is no longer an issue, and you have no other plans. You look around the room, scanning for something to do.
  12. Five minutes into whatever you chose, you hear a thump from one of the windows. Going to it, you see a very confused looking baby squirrel, it must've ran into the glass. You open the window to help it, and notice a piece of paper is tied to it. You bring it in your room and surprisingly it doesn't seem frightened at all. You untie the piece of paper, unroll it and read...
  13. Dear _______, I apologize. I should've been straight with you about who I am immeadiately when we first met. However, I was too caught up in our conversation and look where it has gotten me now. Before I got a chance to explain myself to you, you have heard other unfavorable explanations from other sources. Believe what you wish, but I would like to request from you a second chance to redeem myself and explain to you who I am. Please meet me at the park, at our bench, tomorrow at 5 PM if you so choose to forgive me. I will tell you what I should've from the beginning. Sincerely regretful, Blake
  14. Unsure what to think, you decide to go to sleep to put all your jumbled thoughts at rest. You go take a nice shower, and go to the drawers in your closet to choose something to sleep in. Your choice is:
  15. You crawl under the soft, warm sheets of your new bed and drift almost immeadiately to sleep. The last image in your mind before you sleep is...
  16. A rustling noise wakes you up. You suspect the baby squirrel which you never saw leave your room, but it's sleeping peacefully at the bottom of your bed. You hear the noise again and deduce that it's coming from outside, since you forgot to close the window. It's still dark outside as you begin to get up to investigate the noise, but, before you can get out of the bed, the noises get louder and more rushed. Suddenly, a large, shadowy figure, darker than the rest of the night, jumps through your window and lands only a yard away from you.
  17. Guess what! :O I'm letting all of you, readers, choose which way the story is going to go. Will you forgive Blake and meet him in the park? Or will you stay at Kris's house and ignore Blake's letter? Tell me your vote in the comments box :D You have until the day after part 7 is released to vote (so about a week, sorta). Majority wins... and don't forget to do the normal feedback and rating also please ;)

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