demons in my dreams

Okay You are 16 years old. With dirty dish blonde hair, Gray green eyes, and white. OH! and your kinda skinny. Theres a guy who is a demon andhe will choose if he loves you or hates you.

You make a couple choices and that leads to the story you read. I didn't finish the story...but i might make a 2 part if i need to. umm... The other guys i put in there are just characters they are not the main the main are you and him.

Created by: Chrollo lucifer

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  1. Chapter one- Falling Asleep *yawn* work/school had been hard today. You were ready for bed. walking to your bed you stop and stared at your bed. it felt as if you had forgotten to do something, but that didn't matter anymore. You were tired. Slipping into the covers you feel the warmth of your bed and all your stress from today washed away. You fell to sleep easily.
  2. Chapter two- Him You felt as if you were outside but it was to dark to really see anything. you look up and sure enough you see billoins of stars while you were looking at the stars you felt as if everything had suddenly gotten brighter. you look around. Everything was clear you could see, but you weren't outside but in someones living room. The rooms walls were deep dark red. the carpet was soft and strong and white. very white. in you surrondings there was two couches both were white with deep dark red paint splashes. there was a huge white clock that was very loud and a glass table with two coffee cups steaming hot with coffee.
  3. You picked up. all of a sudden filled with thirst. Right before you put the cup to your mouth you heard loud footsteps. A man was going down the stairs. He had black hair that looked messed up from sleep. He was rubbing his left eye as if to get sleep from his eye. He looks at you with Bright Green eyes. He roughly says"³Who are you?"³ You were startled. He wasn't suprised or mad or anything. Then you remembered the coffee you were still holding. he looked at the coffee cup with curoisity. You decide to speak"³ I...My name is Jewel"³ He ignored you and pointed out"³thats my coffee cup your holding."³ he looks back to you. He slowly walks up to you and takes the cup away from you. He tips the cup and drinks from it, but he never looked away from you. When he finishes he points to the other cup"³thats your cup."³ You quickly walk to the other chair and takes the cup. You a drink. you_________. Black Coffee. Extra strong.
  4. This next part splits in two directions if you chose Spit It Out then read #1. If you chose to hold it read #2.
  5. for #1 is the same story as the other one. #2 goes with story #2. (Im sorry if you dont like the story you got)
  6. ummm... okay im not going to continue this story maybe some other time(srry) but i want to judge you a little(no offense)
  7. Whats ur fav. color?
  8. Whats ur fav. color?
  9. Do you love him so far?
  10. okay bye

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