Will Your Dreams Come True?

Everyone does it. We all dream about the perfect future. We dream about things that we truly hope to happen. Dreams are such sweet things, when we feel lonely or sad, we can just imagine about our dreams, and suddenly, everything will be okay.

The question that everyone asks themselves though, is will our dreams come true? It's something that we all hope to happen, and maybe they will. Take this quiz to find out if your hopes and dreams will come true. Good luck to you!

Created by: Immadog
  1. How much do you want your dream(s) to come true?
  2. Why do you want your dream(s) to come true?
  3. Are you willing to work hard for your dream(s) to come true?
  4. What kind of dream do you have?
  5. Do you have or receiving an education?
  6. Are you...?
  7. How smart would you consider yourself?
  8. How much support do you have from family and friends?
  9. Is your dream(s) reachable?
  10. How much of a hard worker are you?
  11. Do you believe that the slow and the steady win the race?
  12. What is your biggest fear out of the following?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir Dreams Come True?