dreams do come true 1D story part5

This is part five of the dreams do come true story. I hope you like it. Please comment and rate. But no hate please. I worked really hard on this. stay tuned for part six smooches!!!!!! stay lovely!!!!!!!

I have no clue what to say so i'm gonna say whatever comes to my head. I hate having to have a minimum of 150 words on this because i dont know what to say. stay tuned for part six though smooches!!!!!! stay lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: kiarra
  1. The next morning, my friend was smiling from ear to ear. "What?" I asked. "You know what." she said. "Not really." "We all saw you and Niall asleep in the same bed." "So what." i said. "Are you two dating?" she asked. "No. we're just best friends. I don't wanna ruin that relationship we have." "Why was he in your bed then?" Louis asked. "Because I was sad and i needed someone to comfort me." I said. "Yea. ok." my friend said full of sarcasm. I gave her a death glare and she just laughed. I haven't spoke to Harry since the incident and that's been about two weeks. While I was in my room listening to music, someone knocked on my door. "It's open." I yelled. I heard my door open and then close and Harry walked in.
  2. "Can we talk about this Kiki?" Harry asked. "Why? I already know what you're gonna say and I forgive you. I just don't wanna go back out with you." I said. "Oh." Harry glumly said looking down. "But I'd really like to start over and be friends again." I said. "Ok! Great!" Harry said cheerfully. Everything is perfect between me and Harry. He is a really great friend. We get asked a lot if we're going out though. We just laugh about it and tell them no. Me and my friend get hate from some fans though because we know one direction. It hurts us sometimes, but not all the time. Zayn and my friend are still dating eachother which is good to know. But I think they're hiding something from us. These two years have been crazy ever since we met the lads. Yup I'm now eighteen and my friend is twenty. Well, I'm gonna find out what Zayn and my friend is hiding.
  3. "What's wrong?" I asked my friend and Zayn. "Nothing. Why?" Zayn asked. "You two have been acting weird." I said. "Oh. Well we gotta tell you and the lads something." My friend said. I ran into all the boys' rooms and told them to come downstairs. "Since all of you are here, I have something to say." my friend said. "I'm pregnant!!!!" she said. "Omg are you serious?" I said. "Yup." Zayn said. All of us were freaking out and hugging them. We were soooo happy for them.
  4. A few months later: Its been nine months since my friend has been pregnant. She's due in about three weeks. We found out that she's gonna have twins. A boy who's name will be Nathon William Malik and a girl named Maria Elizibeth Malik.(I just made it up because I didn't know what else to name them). Nathan's godparents are Louis and Eleanor and Maria's godparents are Niall and me. Me and the girls are gonna prepare a baby shower for her. The colors are pink and blue for it and there are balloons and stuffed animals everywhere. We invited a lot of people from my friend and Zayn's sides of their family so we hope she enjoys it. After the party: She loved the shower. Maria and Nathan have a lot of things. Most of us bought stuffed animals. "That was so fun. Thank you sooo much for putting this together." my friend said. "You're welcome." we said. A few minutes later. "Guys, I think we have a problem." My friend said. "Why? What's wrong?" we asked. "Look." she said standing up. We looked down and we say water, then we realized, her water broke.
  5. "Omg!!!" I said. Zayn quickly ran to her side and helped her into the car. "Are you guys coming or not?" Zayn asked. "Yea. We'll follow you ok." I said. "ok." he said and off he went. We weren't far behind them either. When we made it to the hospital, many doctors got my friend into a hospital room. We all got out of the car and ran after them. "I hope she's ok." Danielle said. While we were waiting, we were hoping and praying everything was ok. Finally we were allowed to come in and saw my friend and Zayn holding a baby. "They're here!!!!" Eleanor said running to one of the babies. Zayn was holding Nathan and my friend was holding Maria. I went up to hold them and they were the cutiest babies ever. "Nathan and Maria looked like Zayn in a lot of their features.
  6. 6 months later: The babies have been home for months and they sometimes wake us up in the middle of the night, but other than that, they are little bundles of joy. We all love them. We all decided to go out to eat somewhere. Of course, we went to Nandos because Niall wanted to. When we came home, Zayn and my friend had to put Nathan and Maria to sleep and everyone else went to sleep. I couldn't go to sleep so I went into the living room to watch tv. "Couldn't sleep?" someone said. I turned around and saw Niall walking down the steps. "Nope. What about you?" I asked. "Nope." "oh." He came over and sat by me while I was watching Titanic. It came to a romantic part and Niall was keep on staring at me. "Can I help you with something?" I asked. "Um no, sorry" he said blushing. "Can I ask you something?" he asked. "Um Sure." I said. "How do you get a person to notice you if you like them?" he asked. "I would just tell them so they know and if they like you too maybe they will go out with you." i told him. "ok. Kiki, eversice I met you, I knew you were the one for me. I love everything about you and how you're sweet to everyone. What I'm trying to say is, I love you."
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