Are you a shadowhunter? Can you hunt demons?

Do you want to find out if you are a warlock, werewolf, vampire, faerie, or shadowhunter. Here you go a quiz that can tell you so. Have fun no matter who you end up with! Good luck!!!

Vampires beware of the light. Werewolves be careful of silver. Faerie's try not to hurt anybody and stay away from either iron or silver I forget. Warlocks do not frighten kids with your looks. Shadowhunters keep those demons off the street.

Created by: amazon
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  1. What do you say when someone asks you if you like horror movies?
  2. Do you prefer daytime or the night?
  3. Have you read the mortal instruments or infernal devices series anybody.
  4. Do you like demons or angels.
  5. Do you prefer your meat well done or really bloody?
  6. Beautiful is always better. The odd one wins.
  7. Hunting demons for a life sounds like a dream.
  8. Which of these people would you befriend- Jace: shadowhunter, arrogant, self centered, skillful Magnus: warlock, glittery, bubbly, has interesting style Simon:vampire, sweet, helpful Camille: vampire, sly, cunning, clever, Luke: werewolf, nice, helpful, takes charge when needed to, knows what he's doing Seelie queen: faerie, tricky, beautiful, sly, clever, cunning, pleasing, scary
  9. Would you like to Idris some day?
  10. Would you rather be Jace, Magnus, Simon, Camille, Luke, or the Seelie queen

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Quiz topic: Am I a shadowhunter? can I hunt demons?